Review: Peter Pan

Old or young, Christmas can be a time filled with magic and Hull Truck’s interpretation of ‘Peter Pan’ encapsulates this brilliantly. The set was stunning – truly one of the most beautiful I have seen, the warmth of the autumnal trees contrasted with the lighting made the whole space feel welcoming and offered new surprises as the play went on. The choice to base the family home in Hull post blitz in World War Two worked well, and allowed the audience to feel more connected to the story.

The ensemble cast were brilliant and each had their own mannerisms, as well as continuously bringing on energy and excitement which made some children in the audience want to jump up from their seats and join in. The movement direction by Jon Beney was full of punch and play, reiterating the importance of play within theatre and letting go for a short while to just move and explore. The whole cast were engaging and funny, a stand out for me was ‘Nana/Tinker Bell’ played by Joanna Holden, a true lesson in comedic timing with all the quirks of that slightly batty relative that you’re not sure even is a relative. There were numerous points of interaction with the audience which were light hearted and panto-esk. This was conducted particularly well by ‘Smee’ and ‘Starkey’, played by Jacob Butler and Aron Dochard, who got everyone singing and clapping with joy!

Christmas involves a lot of indulgence for me in the food department and I can safely say based on my minimal exercise per week and eating habits I certainly would not have the core strength or the ability of ‘Peter Pan’ (Baker Mukasa) and ‘Wendy’ (Vanessa Schofield) to perform the aerial masterpiece that they did. At one point I gasped in awe as they were suspended in the air singing. Yes. Singing whilst floating in the air by a bit of bedsheet, pure skill. A further aspect of childhood glee was the addition of the croc, which made my Dad giggle a lot. That is one thing to highlight that really worked with this performance was the familial aspect of it, a pure delight for all ages. Of course, there was a sprinkle of snow that added the cherry on top of the cake. If you can go along to one of the shows it will certainly leave you smiling, even if you cannot, consider giving the gift of a theatre ticket this Christmas to someone that maybe needs a bit of sparkle.

The show runs until the 4th January with relaxed, AD and captioned performances available.

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